Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Breaking Bad Death Power Rankings: "Rabid Dog"

This week was a significant step towards several players' potential death. Though the White residence managed to escape an ashy grave, Walt was unable to win over Jesse, which is bad news for the both of them.

1) Walter - Chance of death: 99% (no change from last week)
He's starting to cough more...

2) Todd - Chance of death: 80% (+30%, + 4 spots)
Walter finally returned Todd's endearing voice mail this week. Walt's intentions were not-so-endearing. Now Todd and his wonderful family stand between Walt and Jesse. It all has a video game feel to it.

Jesse is the hero and must face the mini-boss of the Todd family tree before facing the final boss, Heisenberg. This show has to have some sort of Jesse vs. Walt standoff. I don't know how Jesse will dispose of Todd and co., but it has to happen.

3) Marie - Chance of death: 75% (+5%, no change in rank)
Marie is googling poison now. She may like how it feel just thinking about it, but it's pretty clear she's losing it. She is planning on getting her hands dirty, and I mean more than just grinding coffee beans for Jesse. She is going to go after Walt, and she's probably going to die, and I'm probably going to like it.

4) Jesse - Chance of death: 70% (-15%, -2 spots)
Jesse is down a few spots, but I still think his death is forthcoming. However, thanks to Hank's timely visit to the White household and Jesse's conditioned fear of bald men, Jesse has likely bought himself a few more episodes. Though he now has to deal with a group of men who have had no trouble murdering masses of people at a time, he also clearly has something in store for Walt. So either he gets to Walt before Todd's relatives get to him, or he somehow eludes the hit put on him. Jesse has grown more cunning as the series has progressed, so I'm guessing the latter.

5) Hank - Chance of death: 65% (0% change, -1 spot)
Hank spent this episode in the driver's seat. He had all the power: the key witness, his trusty partner by his side, and Marie in his corner making coffee. But his recklessness with Jesse may have cost him. Jesse don't work for nobody. I'm starting to think Hank could lose Jesse completely and become a target of his.

6) Skyler - Chance of death: 60% (+10, +1 spot)
After pledging her allegiance to Walt last week, she took one step further this week by insisting on Jesse's death. She is starting to lose control, which seems to be a common theme among everyone at this point. The more she becomes involved, the larger the target on her back.

7) Lydia - Chance of death: 30% (-30%, -2 spots)
Lydia takes the biggest plunge among all characters this week, as she is completely absent from the episode. Though her character isn't completely irrelevant, it seems like Todd's family is a little more important to that storyline. We'll see her again -- her character is too good to keep out -- but right now, she sits safely in the shadows.

8) Walt Jr - Chance of death 20% (-20%, -1 spot)
This was a rare episode that feature a lot of Walt Jr. and not a lot of breakfast. It was nice to see him call his dad out on his bullshit, but, unfortunately, he still sees his father as someone with good intentions. But there was nothing about this episode that even hinted at Jr's danger. He may just be blissfully ignorant for the rest of his life, since all it takes is some room-service to keep him happy and distracted.

9) Saul - Chance of death 10% (no change)
Barely any Saul in this episode. Not enough Saul. Need more Saul.

10) Holly - Chance of death : 3% (no change)
I'm warning you, Vince Gilligan. Don't.

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