Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two Days Late "Live" Blog: Lions at Redskins

First Quarter:

15:00 - The Lions are sacked on the very first play, as they left a man completely unblocked. It seems they were completely unprepared for it. Also, the Redskins were clearly holding on this play, and were later called for this exact infraction. I wonder if Rob Sims let the refs know immediately. Check it out:

The idea is to completely occupy the all of the offensive lineman's efforts and pull him away from the gap where the blitzing man is coming. It works to perfection, and Sims can't do anything about it.

12:52 - The Lions' first offensive drive ends with two throw-aways to Brandon Pettigrew. The offensive line is struggling to deal with blitzes, but I'm sure they'll adjust once they get the print-outs from the overhead cameras. Oh crap. Oh, and that was the last two times Pettigrew will be targeted for the rest of the game.

11:25 - Louis Delmas with a great read on the WR screen pass. He forced a big third down (that the Redskins converted on).


That's (from left to right) Ziggy Ansah, Jason Jones, Ndamukong Suh (standing), Nick Fairley, Willie Young.

9:31 - On the Stafford pick-six, I put most the blame on Calvin Johnson. His route was completely disrupted by press coverage, and on a quick play like that, timing is key. Johnson didn't hit his mark. Just look how off-balance he was when Stafford was throwing the ball:

8:33 - This is just a great play call and read from Stafford. The Redskins send six to pass rush, leaving Joique Bell wide open to release from the backfield. Bell also picks up an extra 15 yards after contact, and add another 15 for roughing the passer. Great stuff.

7:15 - This is the third time already a Redskin's linebacker has shot through a gap into the backfield. The offensive line is taking too long to get to the second level.

5:20 - Bell was responsible for 58 yards and a touchdown on that drive. Reggie who?

4:30 - Ansah had a good pressure there to force the incompletion, but the play was a screen to his side of the field. So...half credit.

3:52 - More penalties on special teams. Special teams penalties are my biggest football pet peeve. They're almost always called and hardly ever help the team out. Lions start deep in their own zone again.

1:43 - Great read by Stafford. Saw Ryan Kerrigan, who was lined up over Ryan Broyles, sneaking in to "blitz." Stafford quickly faked the hand-off and immediately rifled it to Broyles, who was wide open.

Second Quarter:

14:55 - This play looked to be a quick screen to Calvin, and probably would have worked, but for the second straight game, Stafford was hit in the face with an unsuspecting snap. Please stop doing that.

14:53 - Dominic Raiola or Rob Sims fail to pick up the blitzing man, so Stafford is forced to just throw a jump ball. Lucky for him, he threw it to Joseph Fauria, who is now everyone's mandatory favorite Lion.

11:11 - The Lions linebackers are biting hard on every play-fake. Look how close together all three linebackers are on this play-action pass.

9:07 - MINI FOX ANNOYANCE RANT: The announcers are so enamored with both Robert Griffin and the Lions' "dirty" label that they show NO angles of the Chris Houston interception. Rather, they're more interested in finding out if Griffin was roughed in any way. I'm annoyed.

6:53 - Great inside move by Ansah to draw the holding penalty and prevent the 30 yard pass play. That's almost more important than an actual sack, but unfortunately is nowhere on the stat sheet.

5:27 - The Lions got extremely lucky that this third-down conversion doesn't go for more. The Lions blitzed 8(!!!!) players, and Griffin got the ball out quickly. Rashean Mathis was the last man back, and had to battle through a unguarded receiver downfield. Luckily, he makes the tackle.

3:38 - Both Chris Houston and Louis Delmas took terrible angles and gave up the outside to Alfred Morris for the easy touchdown. It didn't help that Glover Quin got swallowed up inside as well.

2:00 - Burleson with a huge catch in traffic, and great instincts to pick up all the YAC. *sigh*

0:49 - For those of you that like to complain about the Lions not targeting Calvin in the redzone enough, that was three straight plays to him, all incomplete.

Third Quarter:

14:30 - Hey, Griffin learned how to slide. Well, I guess that's taken care of. I'm sure that issue won't pop up again any time soon...

10:36 - Bad facemask call. So...expect an upcoming fine for C.J. Mosley, because the NFL does not make sense.

9:07 - Ansah picks up his second sack of the day, but the truth is, he was stonewalled on the play by a tight end. He still has a long way to go in terms of pass rushing. He's been solid in run defense, though.

4:22 - Stafford makes the right read and tries to hit Theo Riddick on the wheel route. Riddick has a step on the linebacker but Staff leads him just a tad too far. I spend the next 20 seconds thinking of how easy of a touchdown that would've been for Reggie Bush.

4:18 - Interesting miscommunication/frustration between Raiola and Sims again. They both double team a defensive tackle, then Raiola heads to the second level, even though Sims doesn't have leverage on the tackle yet. After the play, the two yell at each other:

0:00 - Everyone is annoyed by the 3-yard pass to Broyles on 3rd-and-5, but the truth is, he probably should have had a first down. First, credit to DeAngelo Hall for closing in on the play so quickly. But Broyles has a 2-3 yard cushion when he catches the ball, and is unable to use that space to make the veteran miss.

Fourth quarter:

12:50 - The Redskins are dinking-and-dunking their way down the field, when, for the first time in the game, RGIII finds open field in front of him...then proceeds to jump forward, face-plant, and fumble without anyone touching him. Gift #1.

12:18 - The catch Calvin makes on the sidelines here is one of those plays that you can't possibly believe there's any chance that ball was complete while watching live. Even when you see the clear replay of the catch, you think your eyes are playing tricks on you.

12:13 - Burleson with a 47 yard reception as he found the hole in the zone. *sigh*

11:16 - Kris Durham does a good job initially getting the inside track on this quick slant, but he's either held by the corner, or fails to properly cut inside and maintain that edge. My guess is that he was held, but there's no definitive angle here. Of course, the angle FOX gives us on the replay only shows the corner as he's batting the ball down. So helpful.

11:13 - Stafford targeted Fauria twice in the endzone this drive. Think he's got a new favorite red zone target?

9:15 - Have I ever told you how great and sensable the Calvin Johnson Rule is? Probably my favorite rule in the entire rulebook. Gift #2.

9:05 - The tight end in the backfield immediately runs directly into the snap on the next play. Classic 2013 Redskins. Gift #3.

6:58 - This was easily the most impressive throw Stafford made all game...and it was a beauty. With pressure up in his face, Stafford didn't do what he usually does: throw off his back foot and hope for the best. Rather, he remained composed, stepped fearlessly into the pressure and laid a perfect ball to Durham:

That's some sexy pocket presence
5:06 - First off, I think Joique got the first down on third down, but that aside, the Lions were absolutely right in going for it, and, thankfully, didn't try anything fancy on fourth down.

4:02 - The trust and chemistry between Stafford and Johnson is absolutely unstoppable:
When Stafford throws this ball, Johnson is blanketed by a linebacker and a safety is closing in on him from up top. But Stafford throws him open between the two defenders and before the safety can get to him. Calvin knows just where to go, and even breaks a tackle to get in the endzone. Thing of beauty.

Rest of the game - There isn't much to recap for the rest of the game, other than the personal foul on Mathis was ridiculous and the Lions were absolutely right to run the ball three times when they got the ball back.

Oh, and this (via SBNation.com):

The Washington D.C monster has been slain. 

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