Monday, September 23, 2013

Breaking Bad Death Power Rankings: "Granite State"

Just one more week left. One final act. Yet as the end of Breaking Bad is near, it seems like the chance of survival for most of our beloved characters is slimmer and slimmer. The finish line is within sight, but there's a machine gun and a bottle of ricin blocking the path. In my final Breaking Bad power rankings, I lay out my predictions:


1) Agent Gomez - It's been a week since you've been gone, Gomey. Still no sign of anyone knowing or caring. :(

2) Hank - It seems Hank has become a father posthumously. Walt Jr. may as well change his name to Hank Jr. with the verbal smackdown he delivered to his father over the phone.

3) Andrea - I should have know when Walt showed up on her doorsteps, trying to lure Jesse out of the shadows, that this show was not done with Andrea and Brock. This may have been the biggest gut-punch the show has delivered yet.

Still Kicking:

4) Walter - Chance of death - 99% (+5%, -1 spot in rank)
Walt clearly doesn't have a lot of time left, and his legacy is already all but dead. It amazed me how deluded he was for the majority of this episode. He still figured there was a way to salvage his family, when it was clear (even by Saul) that that ship had sailed. Once Walt finally got the memo, it appeared he was ready to face the music. But all it took was a little White lie to Charlie Rose, tarnishing his name, and now Heisenberg is reborn. The question is how long will this newly reinvigorated Heisenberg last before he becomes just the corpse of Walter White.

5) Jesse - Chance of death - 90% (+10%, -1 spot)
Last week, I alluded to the possibility of a scenario in which Walt comes back to save the day from the Nazis. It appears we've taken a step closer to this potential outcome. It is clear Walt wants the Nazis dead, and they are almost certainly the intended target of that big-ass gun in his trunk.  But, again, I just don't see that "happy" ending happening. Jesse only has one thing left in this world he cares about: Brock. And now he is just an abandoned orphan that Jesse will likely never see again. Even if Jesse somehow survives the last episode, he will have nothing and nobody to live for. He is as good as dead.

6) Todd and his 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution of Nazis - Chance of death - 75% (+45%, -1 spot)
You may have noticed that all of the deaths in this final few episodes have been at the hands of the Nazis, who seem to be in control of everything and everyone. However, they are proceeding with their business under the assumption that Walt is cool with them, when we know that Walt is very much not cool with them. I think best-case scenario for Walt is that he take out a few of the Nazi's before he's eventually taken out. It's hard to imagine a scenario in which the whole gang is taken out, but I suppose it could happen with a little of the Heisenberg/MacGuyver magic we've seen in the past.

7) Lydia - Chance of death - 50% (+30%, -1 spot)
Lydia will obviously have some sort of place in this finale, and her storyline is the most intriguing to me. Will she ever realize Todd's true love for her? Will Walt target her for enabling the Nazis? Will she get caught for distributing the blue-again meth, while under intense heat? I honestly have no idea where her character will go from here, but I am 100% curious.

8) The Gray Matter Family - Chance of death - 45% (not previously ranked)
In the midst of a PR disaster control, Elliot Schwartz (the co-founder of Gray Matter) let loose the lie that Walter White's only contribution to his company was the name. Walt, only having his legacy left to protect, will not that statement slide. I think it's safe to say that Walt's relationship with Elliot's wife is also somewhat strained, considering the last time the two met, it ended like this:

I put the Gray Matter Family as the most likely candidate for the vial of ricin.

Out of Harm's Way?

9) Skyler - Chance of death - 20% (+10%, -2 spots)
Skyler doesn't seem like she's under any potential physical harm, but it appears she could use a better lawyer or two. The law is coming down on her hard, and all she can do is stare into the void with a cigarette hanging loosely from her paralyzed lips. Still, there are a few ways I could see her meeting her demise: at the hands of the Nazis or by her own hands. It would leave Walt Jr. Flynn Hank Jr. in a terrible place, but he's not exactly at the breakfast buffet in Disneyland right now anyway.

10) Holly - Chance of death - 10% (+210%, +1 spot)
I'm officially worried, guys. Holly has been almost-abducted two weeks in a row now, and the outlook isn't good for her. The best case scenario for Holly is child protective services, but I don't think Skyler would let that happen. The more I think about it, the more I think a Skyler-Holly murder-suicide makes sense. But that couldn't possibly have that happen on a TV show, right? RIGHT?

11) Walt Jr. Flynn Hank Jr. - Chance of death - 5% (+2%, -1 spot)
Hank Jr. has officially become a man after telling off his dad. I don't know what's next for him, but I think the best place for him is with his Aunt Marie. Let them live a sad, depressing life together.

12) Marie - Chance of death - 2% (-5%, -4 spots)
I am a little disappointed that Marie has lost all the fight in her. I really thought she may be the one to send Walt to an early grave, but it appears the death of her husband has just taken all the life (and purple) out of her. The fantasies of her poisoning Walt still linger in the back of my head, but it seems like there are about 400 other more likely scenarios in which Walt meets his doom. We may have seen the last of Marie already.

13) Saul - Chance of death - 0% (-5%, -4 spots)
In happy news: Saul got away! Long live, The Bob, for he is pure light and energy and will lead us up Heaven's chimney!

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