Sunday, September 22, 2013

Detroit Lions Victory GIF Dump: Washington Version

The Lions were victorious on Sunday, which means it's time to celebrate in the best way possible: with GIFS.

As always, these GIFs do not belong to me. I do not have the technology to make GIFs, as they are a wizardry art I do not know the secrets to. My source of GIFs comes from SBNation, who is always on top of things. Check them out on twitter, and find all sorts of other fun GIFs at their "Lookit" section.

Things got off to a bad start on Sunday, when Stafford threw a pick six, and we were all like...
...we didn't know what hit us.

But after awhile, the Lions remembered they had secret weapon (and my future best friend/boy band-mate) Joseph Fauria. Then the party was on:

It can not be understated how solid of a celebration this is. Obviously, this is the "Bye Bye Bye" dance, made famous by 'NSync. But Fauria takes it to a new level. Most people would just stick with the easy bye-bye wave with the hops. But Fauria does the little criss-cross leg move that only true 'NSync fans could appreciate.

Then, after the final seconds rolled off the clock, and the Lions had finally won in Washington D.C. for the first time ever, Jim Schwartz decided to celebrate the occasion by planting his headset into the turf -- never to be touched again -- so that the Redskins would never forget this day.


Calvin Johnson is good.

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