Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lions Victory GIF Dump: Bears Edition


Via SBNation:


Over at Pride of Detroit, I specifically warned the Lions against pulling this BS:
"What the Lions cannot afford, however, is to turn the ball over on the ground. So no more reckless stretching the ball out for a few extra feet."
 I am sad to learn Matthew Stafford does not read my previews.


No. Not that Reggie.

NO, DAMNIT. NOT REGGIE WATTS...although I could watch Reggie Watts GIFs all day. Seriously, guys, Watch "Comedy Bang Bang."

THIS REGGIE (via SBNation)

Ohhhh yeah. That's the stuff. I get the feeling Jim Schwartz's wife may bust into his bedroom, and Jim will frantically cover himself up, with only the glow of his computer lighting the room. When his wife asks, "What were you doing?!?!" He'll only be able to respond, shamefully: "Watching tape."

A lot of football fans get excited over fat guy touchdowns, but I think that's petty and immature. I, on the other hand, love FAT GUY CELEBRATIONS! (via @bubbprog:)

THIS JUST IN: NFL fines Nick Fairley for unnecessary roughness. However, upon checking the tape and realizing it was Ndamukong Suh he knocked over, NFL actually awards Fairley $50K.

The Lions are now 2-0 in the division after going winless last year. Next week: Lambeau. 

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