Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 7 Itinerary

This week, the Falcons come to town looking to get on the better side of .500. Though the Falcons' record has been disappointing (3-3 this year, 13-3 last year), their team remains a great threat to hand the Lions their second straight loss. Here's what you need to read to get yourself educated before today's big game.

On Paper: My previews at Pride of Detroit have correctly predicted every Lions game this season. Want to know what's going to happen today? You better read it. 

Breaking Down the 49ers Game Winning Touchdown: If you have the stomach to revisit Alex Smith's game-winning touchdown pass, I broke down the play and what the Lions could've done to win the game at that moment. Check it out.

Run Defense Woes: Philip Zaroo at Mlive does a great job breaking down what is going wrong with the Lions' run defense. Some great statistics about how the explosion plays are making this unit look worse than it is. Read now.

Falcons Point of View: Over at Blogging Dirty (great name, BTW), they break down what the Falcons game plan should be to win the game. Consume.

Three is No Longer the Magic Number: According to The Falcoholic (another great name), the magic number is 30, as in the Falcons need 30 points to beat the Lions. *Another verb for read*

Moving Picture Time!

Matthew Stafford's first NFL action was against the Falcons. It seems like decades ago I was huddling around my computer watching a crappy internet feed, giddy watching Stafford make some brilliant throws (and one terrible one).

Move over John Edwards, we have a new Biggest Douche in the Universe.

Sometimes I think I have pretty much seen everything that the internet has to offer, then youtube steps up to the plate and proves me wrong once again. Sign-language smack talk, FTW. 
Any translators out there?

Go Lions.

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