Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feeling Good

We’ve spent the last three years huddled in the corner of our musty shelter, too fearful to peak out at the carnage that lay beyond the fastened doors. The atrocities caused by the apocalyptical events of 2008 still scarred our collective souls. Late last year, we heard rumors that the chaos had finally ended and it was safe to re-immerse ourselves in society once again. Still, the weight of the past still bore heavy on the psyche of us all. But Monday night the hearsay gave way to an unmistakable beacon of light shimmering upon us through the heavy doors separating ourselves from humanity.

Monday night, the people of Detroit burst through the doors and into the streets like caged animals being freed into the wild. It was a terrific sight, but an even more extraordinary feeling. Sure there’s still lingering feelings that the future that lies ahead could eventually slip into a dystopia more cruel than anything we've experienced, and given what we’ve all been through, we’d be insane not to have those preoccupations. But as the weeks roll on, we’re slowly accepting the unfamiliar, but awe-striking reality that stands before us: the Lions are 5-0 and well on their way to being a playoff team and beyond.

Many national pundits seems surprised at the incredible enthusiasm emanating from Ford Field on Monday, which seemed reminiscent of a post-Katrina Saints game. But those familiar with the suppressed, but eager Lions fan base knew that the city of Detroit was just waiting for a spark that would ignite the city. And while many will be written off as “band-wagoners” or not "true" fans, we must welcome them all alike. Although some may have cowardly fled during the past five years, it’s hard to blame them for doing so. The unrelenting punishment that this fanbase has been subjected to is too much for any sane person to endure. If it truly bothers you that people bailed on this team during the tough years only to crawl back during the good times, take pride in knowing that you are one of the few who took the beatings for the franchise and will reap benefits that others don't even realize exist.

But we will need these band-wagoners to succeed. Without them, though our voices are emphatic, they barely amount to a whisper. Without them, the Bears do not commit nine false start penalties. Without them, we are merely a cult and not a community, not a team. And together we will take on this new frontier. It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life. And I'm feeling good.

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