Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 5 Itinerary: Monday Night Special

Finally we can answer the question "Is it Monday yet?" with a resounding "YES".  While Detroit sports (Tigers, Red Wings, Wolverines) have offered plenty to keep me entertained throughout the week, I couldn't hide my enthusiasm for specifically tonight throughout the entire week. Clearly, the universe had sensed my giddiness as I was not scheduled to come into work today. And now the Tigers are playing today, too? Icing on the cake, cherry on top, whatever idiom you'd like.

If the circumstances alone aren't enough to get you pumped for this game, here are some articles that will make you want to bust through a wall, Kool-Aide Man-style.

My "On Paper" preview. The charts are getting bigger and more interesting. Many Bears apologists are pointing to the schedule of both teams, claiming the records would be reversed if the schedules were. The charts take into effect strength of opponent, so check out what my conclusion is here.

Read Armchair Linebacker, damnit. Neil addresses the paranoia that all Lions fans are currently feeling, whether they admit it or not. But then makes you want to murder a Bears fan and eat him in front of his family.  This is what he is capable of doing as a writer. READ IT.

The Watchtower at Lions In Winter: No brainer here, you should be reading everything over at Lions In Winter, but especially his unique previews.

Holy $#^%, "Holy Schwartz" is good. Seriously. This blog is only a couple weeks old, but it's already a must-read for avid fans. He brings the knowledge with a break-down of the Bears defense and brings the entertainment with his Tony Scheffler Celebration Watch.

Moving-Pictures Time:

RIP, Hank Williams Jr's Relevancy

I'm not a religious person, but I like to believe that Heaven is real, and it consists of me watching the move Barry makes at the 1:03 mark of this video over and over until the end of time.

I want this to happen again, except I'd prefer Cutler's head on the ground, not the ball. 
If that happens, I don't care if they throw ten flags on the play.

I can't seem to embed this video, but watch Nate Burleson's pre-game speech and try not to powerbomb the nearest person through your coffee table. 

"Just wait til we start playing."
I'm ready, Jim. We're ready. 
Go Lions. 

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