Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 3 Itinerary: Lions vs. Vikings

It's Friday, which means it's time again to get you prepared for this week's Lions matchup.  The Lions are facing a more-dangerous-than-they-look Vikings team.  Here's what you need to read to get yourself prepped and informed for the game.

My Stuff:

On Paper: As always, I use statistics to break down the matchup and provide a final score prediction.  Check it out here.

Break it Down: I also broke down a run defense adjustment the Lions made against the Chiefs last week. If you like the Xs and Os of football, you should click here.

Stuff Better Than Mine:

Holy Schwartz! A new blog that has a more-than-promising start. Nate Washuta offers a bunch of cool breakdowns and graphs analyzing both the Lions and their opponents.  Check out his article on slowing down the Vikings this week.

Vikings' Offense and Defense breakdowns: A staple of this feature, Latif kills it again with a breakdown of the Vikings' Offense and Defense.

Time For The Moving Pictures: This Week, Great Moments in Lions/Vikings History:

Come on, now.  It was week two.  We aren't supposed to go completely insane until at least the bye week.

This man is a hero. Take it from someone who is in desperate need of a free haircut

Okay, not technically a Lions/Vikings moment, but aside from the cheap shot 
at Detroit's expense at the end, this might be the greatest video ever. 

Enjoy the game. Go Lions.


  1. That catch for the haircut belongs on top plays. Both great and clutch.

  2. I didn't watch that NFCCG but man oh man...Troy Aikman was seriously irate at Favre for that INT.