Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 2 Itinerary

Alright, I had a busy week around the interwebs. So here's a taste of my stuff:

On Paper: My weekly collumn previewing the Chiefs game with a bunch of stats.

Preview at Chiefs Command: I was generously asked to preview the game over at Chiefs Command. I try to give Chiefs fans some hope.

Break it Down: I also broke down the Lions' 4th down conversion against the Bucs over at Pride Of Detroit.

Stuff Better Than Mine:

  • Latif does another amazing job breaking down the Chiefs Offense and Defense at PoD. If you're a fan of Xs and Os, check out the defense article. Really cool stuff.
  • Over at Arrowhead Pride, the Chief fans discuss who they would steal from the Lions' roster. The comment section is both interesting and flattering.

Gratuitous Video time!

Chiefs fans:

The good:
I'm a sucker for old men dancing to contemporary music.
Throw a luchador mask into the mix and this video is exponentially better.
However, announcing "YOUTUBE!" while recording a video is bad form. Watch yourself, Chiefs fan.

The Bad (naughty words ahead):
I've been there, man. Though I don't think I've ever called someone a fat-ass during a tirade.

The Unforgivably Ugly:

You're welcome, America.
Go Lions.

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