Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 14 Itinerary

Hello fellow interneter. Fancy to see you here. Let's talk Lions/Vikings. This is a must-win game by every definition of the term. The Lions will likely need to finish the season with three wins in four games, and this game appears to be the easiest of the four. Furthermore, a loss here would cost the Lions their tiebreaker over the Bears, as the Lions would fall to 2-3 in the division, while the Bears are 2-2. I want to feel completely confident about this game, but with the stakes so high, Jared Allen playing at the level he is, and the previous matchup between the two teams, I can't shake the worries. Hopefully the Lions come out quick and strong and coast to an easy win.

Anyway, like always, there was plenty of must-reads in the Lions blogosphere this week. Here's a taste:

My Stuff:

Stuff Better Than Mine
Moving Pictures Time!
From now on, whenever I hear Jared Allen talk, all I'll hear is "derp derp derp."
That won't really change the content of his words, anyway.

If you can make it through this entire video, you are a stronger man than I. Or you're a woman. 
I seriously almost threw up. 


Go Lions! (And Broncos! And Panthers! And...tie Cowboys and Giants?)

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