Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 13 Itinerary

Before I get into it, I feel the need to address yesterday's Big Ten Championship Game. Sparty fans, I'm sorry. In what seemed like a season you were destined for greatness, you were brutally stripped from a title in one of the more horrific ways I've seen. I know MSU fans are going to be sick (and rightfully so) watching the final BCS rankings and finding themselves below Wisconsin and Michigan. But, if there's anything being a Lions fan has taught me, it's that you really must take joy in the ride and not necessarily the final destination. The Spartan season created some magical moments that I'll never forget, and if you didn't know already, I'm a University of Michigan alumni.

Alright, time to focus on the real league. The Lions face another tough test this week and will once again be on display for the nation, but this time on Sunday Night Football. While there was some optimism around the Packers game last week, it's hard to find one person who believes the Lions win tonight. The Lions will need to go, at the very least, 3-2 down the stretch, but given the schedule of the other wild card contenders, they may actually have to go 4-1 to clinch a playoff spot. A win in New Orleans would do a lot to instill confidence that 4-1 is more than possible. A loss would make every game left on the schedule "must-win". A high-stakes game in December: terrifyingly awesome. Here's what you got to read:

My Stuff:

My articles were a little limited as I lost power for a day due to LA winds, but I had time to do my usual Packers game recap, video review of the Lions' second string secondary, and, of course, my "On Paper" preview that suggest this game could be a lot closer than many think. Next week, you can expect a full dose of "Stafford Infection" (pun very much intended). Apologies for omitting it this week.

Stuff Better Than Mine (with as little "Suh" as possible)

Moving Pictures Time!
I don't know what pleases me more: the Redneckness of it all, 
or the fact that someone bet their flatscreen on the Redskins. 
(Skip to 1:45 in the video for some good ole' TV shootin! YEE HAR!)

I thought this was the coolest grandma ever until she said she liked Reggie Bush.

Indeed this is the number one Saints fan, as long as you measure fandom 
by number of beads and quality of  parody songs. 

Go Lions! (and Houston! and Kansas City!)

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