Thursday, December 15, 2011


If you're familiar with most of the Detroit Lions Blogosphere, you've probably seen a couple sites give away a Detroit Lions themed DirecTV remote. I, myself, have tried to get my grubby little hands on one of those things. Well, fate has turned my way, and now I have a remote to give away!

The one winner will get everything shown above, including that antenna-looking thing. After the Oakland game, I will be going on a short vacation, so please allow a 2-3 weeks for the prize to arrive.

DirecTV has a special place in my heart. They are currently running their annual "Ultimate Displaced Fan" contest. The basic idea behind the contest is to reward die-hard fans that live away from their favorite team's city. The winner gets to go to the Super Bowl. The videos of these fans are entertaining and impressive.

As most of you probably know, I am a displaced fan myself. Three years ago, I moved from the suburbs of Detroit to Los Angeles and have been completely dependent on DirecTV to watch my Lions play every Sunday. On several occasions, I have considered entering myself into this contest, because I selfishly feel like I should be rewarded for not only being a Lions fan, but one away from all of my Detroit brethren. So I truly feel the plight of the displaced fan.

Unfortunately, the Lions representative for this contest has fallen out of the top 10, but I urge you to go to the website and check out some of these extraordinary fans. Head to now!

Onto the contest. This week is a particularly apt week to hold this contest, as I will be experiencing one of the few perks of being a displaced fan: seeing the Lions at an away game. I will be traveling six hours north from Los Angeles to Oakland with a few of my Lions buddies to watch the Lions play. This is not the first time I have seen the Lions play away from home. Last year, the schedule was lined up perfectly to see the Lions play twice while I was visiting family in Florida. I was there when the Lions broke their road losing streak in Tampa, and I was there the following week when they dramatically came back against Miami. There's something awesome about seeing your team win on the road and celebrating it with strangers. It's kind of like being a part of a secret club that all of the natives could never fully understand.

But here's the kicker: this year, we decided to spare no expense on tickets. Our seats will be in section 104; endzone seats. But not just any ordinary endzone seats....Black Hole seats.
My final resting place.
If you're unfamiliar with the Black Hole, just check out a google image search of "raiders black hole". The superfans of Oakland have gained notoriety for their devotion, intimidation, and, unfortunately, the occasional violent outburst. I'm not entirely sure what prompted my friends and I to take on such an endeavor, but be assured, I will have quite a story to tell next week.

Now many contests will make you tweet something you don't want to, or advertise my site, but I've never been a fan of that, and its not really related to being a displaced fan. I want to do something fun.

Here's where you come in: to win the Detroit Lions DirecTV remote, I want you to guess how many times my group of four displaced Lions fans will get cursed at during the game. During the game, I will try to keep count - as accurately as possible - of the amount of times a Raiders fan curses AT us. (from kickoff to the very end of the game, pre and post game comments will not count. Halftime curses are fair game. Curses directed towards officiating or "The Lions" will not count). For clarification purposes, the swear words that will count are George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words plus a certain word for hiney or tuchus for all of my fellow Jewish readers (all deviations of the base swear words will count, ie: f, mother-f, f-face, etc.). It should be noted that upon much deliberation, my group of fans have decided that we WILL be sporting Lions gear at the stadium. If we decide that things are too dangerous or hot-headed, we may remove the clothing, in which case, the contest will be null and I will have a new contest next week. 

I will allow you to enter in three different ways, whichever is most convenient to you:
  1. Tweet your guess to me @DetroitOnLion
  2. Email your guess to DetroitOnLion[at]
  3. Or simply post your guess as a comment. (if you choose this method, please provide your twitter handle or an email address so I can verify your identity if you win)
You can only use one method of entry and you can only enter once. In the rare case of a tie, the first person to place their guess will win. If you want to know how your guess is doing, I will be live tweeting my entire experience on Sunday, so if you're not already, follow me on twitter. Good luck! And I'll (hopefully) see you on Monday!


  1. This is one of the best contests I have seen. I am a displaced fan as well, living in Florida. After the Tampa game we Lions fans did not know what to do with ourselves. I probably gave you a high five at some point because I was running around the outside of the stadium like a mad man trying to high five every person in Honolulu Blue in sight.

    I was at the Dolphins v Raiders game last week and heard about 65 curses, and that was an away game. My guess for you is 437, and I hope that you come back alive. You must have some huge balls to want to sit in the black hole.

  2. I am also a displaced fan. I am in the army stationed in Georgia. Both of the Leos games vs opponents near me (atlanta and charlotte) were in Detroit. So I was forced to make the trip for mnf and the 9ers game.
    Displaced fans are ALWAYS more intense because we don't take anything for granted. I have wanted to submit a video, but just haven't gotten around to it. Maybe next year. As for the remote, DirecTV remote are also universal so will work for you tv if you don't have dtv. I do however so i believe I deserve said remote. However this contest isn't about deserving anything. If you make it home alive, I will guess 391 curse words. You should say GO LIONS everytime in response! Lol PISS EM OFF

    @HOCKEY8PLAYER - twitter

  3. tibzik - I remember every moment of the post-game Tampa celebration. It was euphoric. I probably did end up high-fiving you, because I did so to every person in Honolulu Blue. I've been to well over 100 Lions games, and I will never forget that one. Also, my friends and I don't have huge balls, we have tiny brains.

    Hockeyplayer - First off, thanks for your service. You have the true huge balls. I could never do what you do. Next year, you should totally submit a video, and let me know, because I will push the crap out of it, if you do.

    Thanks for the well-wishes and good luck to you both!

  4. I've had 3 tours in Iraq and 2 in Trashcanistan and I wouldn't dare enter the Black Hole unarmed and clad in're, well; for the lack of a better word, windowlicking nuts. ;)

    I'll say 250 curses only because you'll be too busy dodging projectiles and compressing your buddies sucking chest wounds to keep an accurate count.

    Good Luck, you're a better man than I am.