Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 9 Itinerary: Bye Week

The Lions are on a bye this week, sitting pretty with a 6-2 record. There were some great reads this week as many sports writers took the opportunity to look back at what the Lions have accomplished so far and look forward to see what we can expect in the second half of the season. Here's the best of the week:

My Stuff:

I did a double-dose of film breakdown this week. First, here at Detroit OnLion I broke down Matthew Stafford's footwork*. And over at Pride of Detroit, I dove into the mind of Gunther Cunningham and saw that he called a game that showed no respect towards Tim Tebow, and it worked brilliantly.

Stuff Better Than Mine:

Ty did a great breakdown of Pro Football Focus' data on the Lions at the halfway point, and makes some bold statements about what we can expect from the second half of the season.

SideLion Report breaks down the remaining games of the schedule and sees a possibility of 12 wins?

Over at The Wayne Fontes Experience, Al breaks down everything that is wrong with sports talk radio. Honestly, I still listen, but only because it makes me feel smarter.

The great NFC North blogger for ESPN, Kevin Seifert, breaks down the Lions accomplishments thus far and looks ahead to the last eight weeks of the season. Great stats and analysis.

Moving Pictures Time!
This week's theme: "bye":

Honestly, I wouldn't click that if I were you.

I want a freakin' husky soooo bad. Seriously. It's like owning a talking wolf.

This one is for my mother, who just celebrated a birthday. I won't reveal her age, but it's a big one in between 59 and 61. May your taste in music always be that of a 16 year old.

Every week, I think I find the best youtube video out there. This week is no exception.

Go Colts, Bucs, Patriots, Chargers, and Eagles.

*Side note: I'd really like to thank Ty at The Lions in Winter for making that post one of MLive's best of the day. I strongly value his endorsement as he churns out the best Lions stuff on the web.

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