Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Week Itinerary

I hate the NFL schedule makers. Last year, it was the 8-2 Patriots, the year before it was the 6-4 Packers, the year before that it was the 10-1 Titans. The Lions seemingly always have to face a feared foe on Thanksgiving in front of the entire nation....But this year, they got it right. The Lions face the 10-0 Packers. But the Lions have the beautiful opportunity to be the first team to knock the Packers off their undefeated pedestal. If the Lions were to do so, it would not only be a great, positive message to send the rest of the league, but it would be huge in terms of keeping their playoff hopes alive.

As always, there has been a plethora of great articles out there in anticipation of this heated matchup:

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Not rooting for a concussion or anything, but I would like a lot of Rodgers on the ground.

Damnit, Packers. You make it so hard to hate you guys ever since Favre left.

Go Lions! Mashed Potatoes!

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