Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 11 Itinerary

Alright, we're getting into the intense portion of the schedule for the Lions, but they need to take care of business this week versus Carolina before looking ahead to Green Bay on Thanksgiving. Last week was terribly painful, but it's in the rear-view mirror now and we have to live with the reality that the Lions are going to have to work their ass off to make the playoffs this year.

Amid all of the panic this week, there were some great reads in the Lions blogosphere. Here's a taste:

My Stuff:
I went kind of crazy this week, especially on this site.

Stuff Better Than Mine:
Moving Pictures Time!
You know when the description of a video is written in ALL CAPS that you're in for something special.
They must have used this video effect to hide their face from this atrocity.

Uh.........Do with this what you will. 
The bench-press in the room is a nice touch.

I'll take this kid over Terry Bradshaw any day. 
NFL pregame shows need more analysis interrupted by an unsuspecting tackler. 

Go Lions! (and Titans! and Chargers!)

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